Pastor Danny Davis
Someone in history has so well stated, that every act of God is a challenge to man’s faith. Because of the mighty acts of God in our lives here at “The Grove” our faith has not only been challenged, but our faith has grown as well.

As we press toward the mark of the higher calling in Christ Jesus, we expect God to continue to bless all of His works that we are involved in. If Jordan Grove is to continue to be all that God is calling for in His church today every member of the “Family” should be vigorously pursuing the following spiritual goals which are not only achievable, but measurable.

  • To become more SUPPORTIVE to our obligations as members of this body of believers.
  • To become more AGGRESSIVE in our evangelistic duties.
  • To become more EFFECTIVE in our ministerial roles as given to us by God.
  • To become more CONNECTIVE in our walk with one another.
  • To become more PROGRESSIVE in our spiritual maturity.
  • To become more SENSITIVE to the needs of others.

It is my prayer as always that God will continue to be pleased with our efforts and that He will smile on our works as we continue to be “The Church Where the Love of Christ is on Display.”